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    Archaeological findings indicate that prehistoric men lived here 50, years ago. Érd itself was first mentioned in documents in The name comes either from the word erdő "forest" or from ér "stream".

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    During the Ottoman occupation of Hungary, Érd was captured by the Turks inafter the castle of Székesfehérvár fell. The Turks built a motte castle and a mosque here.

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    In these times, the place was called Hamzsabég Hamzabey. InÉrd became an oppidum town. It home work pesaro possible that it already had been oppidum before the Ottoman occupation.

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    In the early 20th century, Érd became the property of the Károlyi family. The town grew, but remained mainly an home work pesaro town untilwhen several new facilities were built and the touristic value of Érd grew.

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    Érd was the fastest-growing locality in Hungary between the and censuses up Érd granted the rank of city with county rights in By train[ edit ] Érd has five train stops and stations: two are in the center, Érd felső upper Érd and Érd alsó lower Érd ; three other are in the outskirts, Érd, Érdliget and Tétényliget.

    There are two train lines, so you better figure out beforehand where you want to get off.